Emma Stuart

 Superintendent, Mining Operations at Mt Rawdon
“Be ambitious in the pursuit” 
  • Emma's Story

    In 2013 Emma Stuart moved from New Zealand to join the inaugural Evolution Graduate Program.

    Now she is Superintendent, Mining Operations at Mt Rawdon. Emma’s Development Journey at Evolution has seen her empowered to foster her own growth via an opportunistic mindset. From joining the Graduate Program, to developing into a Mine Geologist position at Mt Carlton, and then as a Project Geologist at Mt Carlton, she worked as Group Operations Business Analyst in Sydney prior to recently returning to site in Queensland.

    Emma’s advice ahead of 2021 International Women’s Day is “Be ambitious in the pursuit” and she believes it’s important to: define a clear goal which includes where you want to get to, identify what you need to do now to contribute to the goal and finally hustle to get there"