Laura Moore

Senior Mine Geologist
'My first week I thought I would never survive it, now ten years later, it’s the best thing I have ever done'
  • Laura's Story

    I’ve been in the mining industry for the past ten years, started working for Evolution as a Mine Geologist at the Mt Rawdon Operation back in 2016. I was there for about two years before transferring up to Mt Carlton in 2018 and have just recently been promoted to a Senior Mine Geologist.
    We have an incredible team, it’s a mix of highly experienced individuals and some just starting out in their careers, everyone is very enthusiastic, active and extremely passionate.
    The start of my mining journey in Australia was a culture shock, firstly I was from Ireland and secondly it was a highly male dominated industry, today it’s very different and diverse.
    When I started out there was myself and maybe one other female on site. Over the last ten years I can see that has changed massively. There are now more females in technical and production crew roles. I think it just adds value to the team, people from different cultures, different genders it just makes it more dynamic and people interact better.